Add the Farsi OCR capabilities into your programs, just by adding a few lines of code!

ARAXPage Server edition is a simple but robust solution to converting a large volume of Farsi and Latin printed documents to editable and searchable electronic files. Server edition will be installed on one of the computers on your LAN (local area network) and after a few configuration it can get the OCR requests from clients and respond them.

Using 2 ActiveXs you can integrate the Farsi OCR into your own applications like office automation, digital archiving and digital libraries.

When and where you can use Server edition:

  • Converting a large number of documents to searchable electronic files

    Using server edition you can implement a central solution to OCR your documents. You can count on ARAX server to have fast and accurate OCR results.

  • Deployment of an accurate, fast and price reasonable OCR solution

    Server edition enables you to implement a fast, accurate and price reasonable OCR solution in your organization. You can setup the server to respond to OCR requests, 7x24 hours per week.

  • Low-cost integration into the computer programs

    Using the programming tools of server edition you can add the OCR capabilities into your own programs.

How ARAX Server works?

Server edition is a set of software modules and programming tools which enables you to add Farsi OCR to your own programs.

  • Server Configuration Module.

    Using this module you can apply your desired settings to the OCR process, centrally. How to response requests, OCR settings and defining watched-folder list are just sample of jobs you can do using this module.

  • TemplateEditor Module

    Using this module you can define recognition templates for document layouts. Also it is possible to set your text areas as fields. In this case the server will manage fields and correspond data for you.

  • Monitoring Module

    Using this module you can monitor the status of server and also working queues. Also you can review the server working log to find patterns and manage the server better.