• Retyping paper documents is no longer needed

    Retyping paper documents

    Instead of spending hours or even days retyping documents you already have printed on papers, do this by ARAXPage only with a few clicks in a few seconds. Experience has shown that a professional typist in an 8 hour working shift can type about 60 pages (Each page approximately 600 words). ARAXPage can do the same thing only in 8 minutes. This is an improvement in efficiency about 6000%!


  • Convert your documents, articles, magazines, ... into digital libraries

    documents, articles, magazines

    Do you spend a lot of space for archiving documents, books, newspapers,...? Do you want to share them with society (through INTERNET for example)?

    ARAXPage will help you to convert paper documents into digital edit and searchable versions and by this means, a huge paper printed library can be contained in disk! Also you can search among your document and get information from resources you wouldn't refer to it in it's paper printed form! You will be able to search in books with improper table of contents and find even your desired word in them and by this means speed up your research much more faster.


  • Make your office automation system intelligentoffice automation system

    Have you got an office automation system in which you store letters, circulars and deeds after scanning them? If you add ARAXPage into this system, you can add a digital version of those pictures to your automation system and eliminate need for retyping them or extracting data from them such as dates, serial numbers,....


  • Exploit your facilities functionalityfacilities

    Do you have already paid for computer and scanner? If you add ARAX to this collection, it will enable you to get your money back from resulting save in time and cost. ARAXPage makes your computer and scanner an intelligent entity which can do the job of several professional typists. It suffices to scan your documents and give the images to ARAXPage.