The design and architecture of DocMan enable it to be applicable in different document management solutions. It helps users to capture, index, store, find, retrieve and distribute documents. By using DocMan you have the following benefits:

  • Increase in performance

    By instant and secure access to required documents and information, users are able to finish their jobs quickly. Efficient using of information will increase the overall performance and allow users to focus on their abilities and use the advantages.

  • On time and documented decision making

    As the required information are saved centrally, mangers and users sure that they access to the last version of available documents and information.

  • Fast and accurate customer support

    Using the search capabilities, support staffs can access to the required information, question answers and data queries to respond the customer needs. This will increase the customer satisfaction.

  • Decrease managing and executing cost

    Printers, photocopies, archive spaces, human staffs, transportation and maintenance costs are just few samples of cost which paper-based organizations must pay for it.
    While in this process, some document are lost, damaged, fired or used incorrectly, they will be irrecoverable. DocMan by reducing the cost of such organizations, allows them to spend the save monies in other interested areas.

  • Reducing business process cycles

    In a manual paper-based process, reviewing, assigning, studying and final approvals may take days, weeks or even months. DocMan help users to reduce this time dramatically.